Pirates ii Stagnetti s Revenge Unrated Watch Online Free



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Pirates ii Stagnetti s Revenge Unrated Watch Online Free

            Stag movies have a long history of low budgets and poor quality in America, but in recent years the production values of pornographic films have been rivaling those of the average big budget movie.  This is especially true for 'Pirates ii Stagnetti s Revenge Unrated', which in some cases you can watch online for free.  Produced by Digital Playground in 2008, this is the sequel to the immensely popular 'Pirates' of 2005.  These movies are tantalizing versions of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie series.

            The film stars Jesse Jane as Jules Steel, Evan Stone as Captain Edward Reynolds, Belladona as Olivia, and Sasha Grey as Maria, among other big names.  This isn't your average porno – with an 8 million dollar budget and Hi-Def visuals, this is more like a Hollywood movie than anything else.  It has won 23 awards, including the AVN awards for Best Actor, Screenplay, Videography, and All-Girl Couples Sex Scene.  It was the top renting and selling title of 2010 in it's category.

            In 'Pirates ii Stagnetti s Revenge Unrated', which you can watch online free, the couragous pirate hunter Captain Edward Reynolds and his trusty first mate Jules Steel are again on the trail of a mysterious and dangerous pirate, the Chinese empress Xifing.  She is seeking the help of the dreaded pirate Victor Stagnetti, played by Tommy Gunn.  Stagnetti was killed in the first film, but has returned from the dead to seek revenge on his killers.  They have a plan for world domination which can only be stopped by Captain Reynolds and his brave crew.  The movie ends with a cliffhanger that is an obvious clue to next film in the series.

            Following the success of the prequel, two versions of this movie were released – one with an R rating, and one with an Unrated rating.  There is a good deal of action and drama, mixed in with plenty of seduction.  There is also some goofy but surprisingly fun humor, often coming from the mixed British/Los Angeles accents.  You can find 'Pirates ii Stagnetti s Revenge Unrated' to watch online for free on some Internet movie sites.

            A good site to look for this movie is Movie25.com.  By searching for 'Pirates ii Stagnetti s Revenge Unrated', you may be able to watch it online for free.  You might need to try a few links before you find one that works.  OnlineMoviesFree.com is another good place to look for this movie.  This site gives you several options to choose from as well, some of which allow you to download the file.  If you haven't found it yet, try Zmovie.tv.  You will find several options provided by third-party sources, which are rated by other users of the site.  Look for the version with the best rating.

            'Pirates ii Stagnetti s Revenge Unrated', to watch online free, has more than you would expect from a raunchy film.  It is more engaging than your average porno, and won't make you cringe.  Some talking scenes and bad acting may seem to drag on and on, but the good production values make up for it.  It has won awards for some of it's sex scenes and was nominated for others, leaving no questions as to why it was one of the most popular movies in it's time.


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